May 2018

For almost two (02) weeks, the national news is driven by a shocking issue of swindle, mingled with bluster. Never has a case affecting the savings of Cameroonians in general and young people in particular had such an extensive coverage. And there is cause for alarm; it affects no less than 11,835 subscribers (associations and individuals) and covers an amount of 12,798,825,000 FCFA.

Moreover, it looks like just another case of scam awakening the painful memories of the savers of the Post Office that had sown in its time the desolation and death in families and nebulae such as Leadership Academy, Famm-Cameroon, PID / PNEAD in which thousands of Cameroonians had lost a lot of money, often their modest savings. It questions the ease with which unauthorised individuals and structures can make a public offering in our country.

The public investment of State representatives (administrative authorities, police, even defence personnel) and the media has heavily influenced the judgment of these thousands of Cameroonians, as in the other cases of scams mentioned above.

The CRM points out, in order to denounce it, that the activities that offer the Cameroonian youth the promises of easy gains blossom and flourish in our country, unscrupulously taking advantage of the conditions of vulnerability and uncertainty in which the populations living in the country live under the long CPDM regime.

The CRM is concerned about the suspicious procedure to put an end to the criminal activities of MIDA, which had been operational within sight of, and with the knowledge of, the administrative, police and judicial authorities for months.

The CRM is clearly opposed to any idea of reimbursement, with the public money, of the victims of this umpteenth giant swindle carried under the noses of the State. Only those responsible for MIDA and their accomplices, all their accomplices, must repay to their victims the sums that were defrauded. Indeed, while the State accumulates salary or bonus arrears for many young workers, particularly in education, it would be inconceivable that the taxpayer’s money would be used to pay the victims of MIDA, instead of making the guilty pay the ill-gotten gains.

The CRM is calling for the launch of an independent investigation into this giant scam that could not be achieved in a single day, and why it could not be prevented by the national police, which demonstrated in the political domain its ability to anticipate and especially to intervene to prevent the holding of meetings and public demonstrations of our party. There is reason to believe that such a criminal enterprise would not have been successful if MIDA officials did not enjoy complicity in power.

This power confirms every day a little more its widespread corruption and the urgency to get rid of it. The CRM has always said that we must do it through democratic elections and in peace. Therefore, it invites the victims of this vast spoliation to go to massively register on the electoral lists in order to severely punish when the time comes, through the ballot box, this regime which exposes them to as much precariousness.

The CRM Communication team

02 May 2018