Sep 2012

The Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon goal is to bring together all Cameroonians in their rich diversity, regardless of their origin, sex or religion, with a view to building a modern, free and democratic nation, resolutely committed to meeting the fundamental aspirations of our fellow citizens for a society of freedom in peace, progress through work, justice and solidarity.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement: Two words (Movement and Renaissance) that summarize the meaning of a political commitment, an understanding of the state and public affairs, a vision of the Cameroonian society and a project for a national destiny.
Party of Movement: Driven by the breath of history of Cameroon, the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon intends to engage permanently all the forces of the Nation to achieve the inexorable march of Cameroon to its development and the full fulfilment of its population through science and technology.

Party of Renaissance: The Cameroon renaissance Movement believes in the inventiveness of social forces, the dynamism of the Cameroonian people as the driving force of the political struggle and the main agent of transformation of society, and the commitment of the mobilised people as a pillar of security and national defence.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement is committed to working for the promotion of a free and democratic society, within a state wherein prevails the rule of law respectful of the rights of citizens, guided by the cardinal value of patriotism, committed to preserving public properties and general interest through a resolute pledge to impunity.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement proclaims its engagement to freedom in discipline, respect for the law and institutions.

It is committed to creating the best conditions for the development of a diversified, competitive and open national economy, based on a successful private sector, a real driver of economic and social progress. Orientation and economic action are carried out on the basis of permanent consultation between the State and the private sector in the framework of a partnership for growth and development supported by a secure legal and judicial policy, a pro-active budgetary and fiscal policy, all participating in an attractive overall strategy for investment. In this regard, it intends to promote the optimum use of national resources through transparent management of revenues generated in the context of a sustainable development policy that ensures the well-being of the present generations, preserves the interests of future generations and respects the environment.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement is committed to promoting equal access to public health care, quality education for all and widespread social protection as part of an active solidarity policy with special attention children, people with disabilities, the elderly and people in difficulty without support.

He makes political commitment to the preservation of national unity, the fight against tribalism, ethnicity, nepotism, and respect for cultural pluralism and official bilingualism, expressions of our national identity and specificity, cardinal principle of all State action and a moral imperative for every Cameroonian citizen.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement intends to work to strengthen relations of friendship with neighbouring States and all its historical or traditional partners, as well as the development of mutually beneficial partnerships and cooperation with all States of good will.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement is committed at the continental level to contribute to the strengthening of African unity, to promote regional integration in Central Africa and to work with any neighbouring state to a comprehensive and complete integration
between the two entities. In this spirit, he is committed to working with other political forces that share the vision expressed in this Declaration of Principles.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement urges all its leaders and representatives at all levels to hold the principles herein expressed as a permanent source of inspiration for all their decisions and declarations and all their actions involving the party or as part of its activities.

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