Mar 2018

The  Cameroon   Renaissance M ovement (MRC) was informed last Tuesday, 27th February  2018, the prohibition of a peaceful demonstration of the New Group of Indignant Teachers (NCEI), followed by the arrest and detention of its members in various police units in Yaoundé.

CRM notices and decries once again another situation of flagrant violation of public liberties, including the freedom to demonstrate constitutionally established. This repression of teachers is of an unacceptable arbitrariness which
harming the body of teachers and its members. It is nothing more than the humiliation of the whole corps of teachers in our country. That treatment of  teachers provides ample information on the status of  education for the regime.

It is not morally acceptable that in a country where the President of the Republic has, according to a recent public inquiry and not denied by the government, spent for his personal comfort nearly 90 billion CFA francs  from public funds, that women and men who, disregarding their suffering, courageously ensure their missions, without the least public appreciation, be treated as dangerous thugs simply for daring to claim their rights for several years, after unfulfilled promises of the Government.

CRM regrets that some teachers, themselves victims of the managerial irresponsibility of the CPDM regime, have, for reasons that only history will tell, decided in the hinterland to desert the fight  they had so bravely initiated.

CRM supports the peaceful struggle of the New Group of Indignant Teachers (NCEI). It calls on the Government to unconditionally release teachers  detained without any good reason,  and especially, to pay their dues as promised several months ago and to make every effort to avoid  for good such  arrears that it never had the courage to subject military and security officials to.

The National President

Maurice KAMTO
Yaounde, March 1st 2018