May 2017

On Tuesday, April 24th, 2017, the President of the Republic, National President of the CPDM, replaced some of his political comrades with others in ELECAM.

Since its creation, ELECAM has proved its notorious incompetence to guarantee Cameroonians transparent, free and fair elections. It is continually at the centre of corruption scandals, nepotism and struggles for control of shares of its budget.

Unfortunately, the decree published on 24th April, by which its top management is once again modified, is not such as to overcome the numerous handicaps of this institution which should play a decisive role in the functioning of Democracy in our country.

The lack of confidence of Cameroonians in this institution is demonstrated by scientific studies. The reasons for this lack of trust are its incompetence coupled with its partisan character.

The mobilization of political parties and civil society organizations for a consensual reform of the Electoral Code and of ELECAM as well as the proposed law amending the Electoral Code regularly tabled by CRM at the National Assembly since November 2014 Which, in flagrant violation of its own rules of procedure, has never examined it to date, testify to the strong social demand for elections that are finally transparent and fair in our country, particularly in 2018.

At one year to these elections whose stake for the future of the country will have nothing to do with past ones, the President of the Republic has once again chosen to act as a party leader by replacing His CPDM comrades by others. All this does not augur well for the transparency and fairness desired for the next elections. The appointment of the CPDM militants Enow Egbe Abraham, Amougou nee Ekobena Appoline Marie and their comrades, indicates on the contrary the stubbornness of the head of state to make ELECAM an appendage body to the ruling party.

CRM reminds these CPDM militants newly promoted to replace their comrades, as well as all other members of ELECAM, CPDM militants and other supporters called “civil society members “, that the fate of a nation transcends the personal comfort such an appointment provides, and that the history of our country and the opinion of their families will judge them in proportion to their probity in the service of the Republic. Organizing wild frauds for the benefit of their political party to the detriment of the future of our country can provide an ephemeral joy, but certainly reserves gloomy days of remorse once they have left the lights and honours of public life.

To the former president of the Electoral Council of ELECAM and his removed comrades who zealously organized and covered frauds of their political party, CPDM, during their stay at ELECAM, CRM says that they missed an exceptional opportunity to demonstrate their sense of state, patriotism and honour to Cameroonians.

CRM calls as witness the national and international communities of the manifest refusal of the President of the Republic to offer Cameroonians in 2018 the opportunity to participate, for the first time in decades, in a transparent, fair and equitable election. The appointment of the CPDM militants to ELECAM on the eve of this crucial election year makes it clear that the regime in place, in advance, makes the choice to have recourse to wild and barbarous frauds in order to remain in power.

CRM, its militants and Cameroonians will oppose it peacefully, but with unsuspected determination. CRM will make President Paul BIYA and his party the only ones responsible for what will happen in the event of  abuse in the repression of  citizens’ reaction that supporters  of the dominant political order will certainly find on their way in 2018 in case of such electoral fraud.

Cameroon is the party of all Cameroonians!

Communication team,
May 02nd 2017!