Oct 2016

The tragedy that occurred at ESEKA on the 21st October  2016, has paved the way for the International and national opinion to realize that the new deal and the CPDM have been in power for more than thirty years by cheating and lying.

So far experts in  wild and barbaric  electoral, social and economic frauds, the regime has just proved how far it can go to preserve power.The Government  dared to deny  in full day time, that fateful 21st October  2016, on the air of the “tam-tam of the President Republic” (according to Charles Ndongo), the occurrence of the ESEKA drama.

CRM is alerting Cameroonians, especially  families of the victims, the Government’s desire to conceal the true figures and statistics relating to this drama.

Families of the deceased, missing people- who so far are purposely disregarded in  government  statistics, the injured and other passengers should now be aware that  CAMRAIL  and its lawyers will invoke the low official figures  as a basis for possible compensation during eventual court proceedings.

As a consequence, CRM invites all those directly concerned to remain particularly vigilant against  maneuvers of a CPDM Government whose willingness to misrepresent the facts and figures in this drama is proven.

The national opinion must be concerned by the plight of victims of this tragedy, their successors and families. This tragedy  is actually that of political corruption, small arrangements between friends.

Indeed, the occurrence, management, and direction that the Government seems  to take on statistics of the tragedy, reveal the incompetence,inconsistency and the lack of interest that the CPDM Government  has for the lives of Cameroonians and  for truth. The regime protects itself with lies doing everything so that truth about figures does not prevail therefore exposing its incompetence in ruling the country.

How can we understand that the Government  spokesman swears in the media that no one has disappeared in this tragedy while some families are still in desperate search of relatives and friends. Cameroonians should support concerned families in the fight for the veracity of  figures that precedes the war on compensation.

The Communications Department

October 28th, 2016