Feb 2020

President Maurice KAMTO presided over a historic meeting on February 1, 2020, to express his gratitude to the Cameroonian diaspora for their unwavering support, as well as to all political prisoners during their incarceration at Kondengui Central Prison.

How many were there?

In front of an overexcited crowd of over 300,000 people from all over Europe, Canada, and even the USA, the President-elect denounced the tribal excesses maintained by the dictatorial and illegitimate regime in power in Yaoundé.

President Maurice KAMTO also spoke about the various socio-political crises shaking Cameroon, particularly the civil war shaking the anglophone regions of the North-West and South-West of the country. “We will resolve all these crises and reconcile Cameroonians, with God’s help,” he declared.

Long before the President-elect spoke, the stage was heated up by numerous Cameroonian artists:

  • First, the rapper One Love, whose real name is Stève Roland Etogo, sang his anthem “Paul Biya must go,” calling on Mr. BIYA, 86 years old and 37 years of unchallenged rule, to step down.
  • Then, the committed rapper General Valsero, whose real name is Serval Abe, with his song “Letter to the President,” still calling on BIYA to leave power. Valsero also performed his successful song “Resistance,” in which he attributes several crimes to Paul BIYA, mainly in the anglophone regions of Cameroon (NOSO).
  • Papa ZOE, magisterial
  • NKODO SITONY, the star of the evening. Applauded for several minutes, he performed his legendary songs.

Also present alongside the President-elect were: the President of MRC Women AWASUM Mispa, His Perpetual Majesty BILOA EFFA, President Albert NDZONGANG, advisor Christian PENDA EKOKA, Vice-President Me Emmanuel SIMH, all from Cameroon. There was also Wilfried EKANGA, the Advisor to President Maurice KAMTO.

History will remember that President-elect Maurice KAMTO broke a record of mobilization never reached by an African leader on Place de la République.

An anonymous Cameroonian did not fail to express her satisfaction: “Maurice KAMTO’s presence in Paris proves that he is not only a president, but a lord,” she emphasized.

A special correspondence from Denis Albert NGANKAM Paris, February 1, 2020.