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If you share our vision of a united, democratic and prosperous Cameroon, then join us today and become a member of the CRM!

As a member of the CRM, you will have the opportunity to actively participate in our struggle to defend human rights, promote social justice, and build a better future for all Cameroonians. You will also be able to contribute to our political program and help achieve our goals.

The CRM is open to all those who share our values and our commitment to a fairer and more prosperous Cameroon. Whether you are a student, worker, buyam sellam, entrepreneur, or simply a citizen concerned about the future of our dear and beautiful country, you are welcome to join our movement.

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By joining the CRM, you will be part of an engaged and passionate community determined to bring about positive change in our country. We look forward to working with you to build a fairer and more prosperous Cameroon for all. Together, another Cameroon is possible.