Mar 2021

I learned with great dismay of the premature passing of Mr. Paul Éric KINGUE, which occurred during the night of Sunday, March 21, to Monday, March 22, 2021, in Douala, following an illness.

During the presidential election of October 2018, I entrusted the management of my electoral campaign to Paul Éric KINGUE. In this role, he showed exceptional enthusiasm.

In the National Resistance that the Forces of Change initiated following the electoral hold-up perpetrated by the incumbent government, his commitment to change earned him nearly nine months of arbitrary imprisonment by my side.

Paul Éric KINGUE was a wholehearted man with a volcanic personality. I still see him struggling against the members of the Constitutional Council as they ostentatiously refused to respect the will of the people expressed at the polls.

He also had an unpredictable personality, which manifested itself spectacularly after our release from prison in October 2019.

Overall, Paul Éric KINGUE was a passionate man who, with his temperament, contributed in his own way to the National Resistance.

On my behalf and on behalf of the activists and supporters of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC), I offer my deepest condolences and expressions of sympathy to his family, the activists and supporters of the Patriotic Movement for a New Cameroon (MPCN), of which he was the National President, and to the people of Njombe-Pendja.

I invite all MRC activists and supporters to strictly respect the memory of the deceased, as well as the pain of his family, supporters, and constituents.

May the land of our ancestors be light to him!

The National President,
Maurice KAMTO,
Yaoundé, March 22, 2021.