Jun 2020

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) learned with dismay and shock, the revolting death of journalist Samuel ABUWE AJIEKA, known as “Samuel WAZIZI”, announced on 2nd June 2020. Mr. ABUWE AJIEKA was illegally arrested on 2nd August 2019 in Buea, in the Southwest Region, followed by his secret detention since August, 7, 2019, during which he suffered the worst acts of torture and brutal inhuman and degrading treatment that led to his death.

The CRM extends its deepest condolences, to which it adds the expression of its emotional sympathy, to its family, friends, as well as the whole corporation of Cameroonian journalists.

The CRM condemns with the utmost energy these heinous and barbaric acts and treatment of a regime for which the lives of Cameroonians have no value. It recalls that the young ABUWE AJIEKA is just one more victim, after so many others, who have paid with their lives the price of the exercise of their profession.

The CRM is asking for justice, requesting that those responsible for these acts, at all levels, including principals, be identified, prosecuted in court and punished according to law. Many of its members have been victims to the barbarity of the regime of Mr. BIYA, and fifteen (15) of them are still under arbitrary detention in inhuman conditions. Therefore, CRM is calling on Cameroonians to express their outrage in the face of barbarism and to mobilize to save their dignity and their freedom confiscated by this criminal regime.

Done in Yaoundé on the 3rd June 2020
The National President
Prof. Maurice KAMTO