Jul 2021

My dear compatriots of the Diaspora,

You have once again demonstrated, through the resounding and popular success of your demonstration of 3 July 2021 held in Paris, that you are major actors of the National Resistance.

Despite the many manoeuvres of the Yaoundé regime aimed at thwarting this peaceful demonstration of strength, you were able to avoid provocations, some of which were particularly crude and desperate.

I warmly congratulate you for this.

You have shown those who predicted your dispersion and discouragement that you are more mobilised, more united and determined than ever. Our path to change in peace and through the ballot box is long, but surely the surest path to victory. Continue to carry high the flame of national resistance.

Any victory must be prepared with the utmost care.

We must learn all the lessons from past electoral experiences and recent trials, notably the barbaric repression linked to the peaceful marches of 22 September 2020, to prepare for the political deadlines to come, which timeline we do not know.  We must not let ourselves be surprised. That is why I appeal to the high sense of the superior interest of the future of Cameroon so that the efforts of all, militants or not, are mobilised so as not to miss the historic turn that is looming before our people.

The National Resistance will triumph! Cameroon will be liberated from an arrogant and contemptuous regime that has sunk into an inhuman and kleptocratic drift.

Long live the National Resistance!
Long live Cameroon!

Yaoundé, 04 July 2021,

Maurice KAMTO,
President Elect