May 2022

So many scandals under the RDPC regime. This time it is the chain of production and sale of Cameroonian oil that is concerned.

On the basis of the proceedings initiated in the United States and Great Britain since 2018 against the Anglo-Swiss commodity trader, the company GLENCORE, for acts of corruption and manipulation of oil market prices, acts for which this company has already pleaded guilty, we learn that staff of SNH, SONARA and crooked dignitaries of the regime in Yaoundé have received bribes of nearly seven billion (7,000,000,000) CFA francs. In return for these bribes, the trader GLENCORE had the freedom to tamper with the selling prices of our country’s oil as he pleased, causing us to lose considerable sums, which amounts have yet to be established by a serious and independent audit.

All these criminal facts now proven, because of GLENCORE’s guilty plea, have curiously escaped the vigilance of the Cameroonian police and justice, busy tracking down the militants and sympathizers of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) and the peaceful marchers of 22nd September 2020 and to arbitrarily throw them in prison for unjust sentences.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement denounces these failures maintained by Cameroonian justice each time it is necessary to track down criminals nestled in the heart of the State.

The CRM calls on the Cameroonian people to confirm the inaction of the power in place in the face of these serious facts that are clearly vindicated and are not the subject of any dispute. If GLENCORE had already pleaded guilty and must pay some 1.5 billion US dollars in fines, its Cameroonian co-perpetrators or accomplices in this vast corruption which has punctured the Cameroonian economy already in great difficulty risk going unpunished, as usual.

This bad faith which is also proven by the refusal of Mr Paul BIYA to sign the