Jun 2022

Since the historic scandal of the Constitutional Council, which exposed to the world the massive an disastrous frauds of the CPDM, ELECAM and the administration during the presidential election of 7th October 2018, no sound person can seriously think again that the Cameroonian Justice is independent.

Since then, through the arbitrary arrests based on family names, the sequestrations, the torture and the legal revenge which fell on the militants and sympathizers of the CRM and the allied parties, citizens engaged in the struggles for freedoms, the end of the civil war in the English-speaking regions of the country, the rejection of the Succession by agreement at the top of the State, the audit of the catastrophic management of the AFCON 2019, the CPDM regime has demonstrated that Justice is for them  a simple adjustment variable for their  illegal and illegitimate stay in power.

While the CRM denounced with all its strength and in all forms before the national public opinion and international bodies, such as the United Nations Commission for Human Rights, the grotesque interference of the regime in the procedures involving its militants and sympathizers, some, inside and abroad, did not hesitate to accuse us of seeking alibis to evade justice in our country. They thus let believe that our militants and sympathizers had indeed made offenses.

It is in this climate that hundreds of honest citizens, men and women, young and old, workers, entrepreneurs, students and job seekers have seen their lives shattered by grotesque convictions by judges under orders, very heavy sentences up to seven years in prison with heavy fines. All this in total violation of the rights of the defense, the Constitution, international treaties duly ratified by Cameroon, the jurisprudence of the Supreme Court of our country and the ethics of the magistrate. This is an opportunity here, once again, in my own name and in the name of the CRM, to show respect to the memory of young NDAGUEHO KOUFET Rodrigue, who was negligently killed at  the New Bell prison, in Douala, following these criminal convictions.

The lawyers of the Sylvain SOUOP Collective have tried, in vain, to alert the Government, the Cameroon Bar Association, national and international public opinion, through the “drop of robes” operation, to the numerous serious violations of human rights.

These CRM members and sympathizers and other citizens arrested for their peacefully expressed political opinions.

The cases of Mr NGO’O Cyrus, Director General of the Autonomous Port of Douala, and Mrs MVOGO Émiliene and others, on which the CRM refrains from expressing any opinion, bring, with regard to the official correspondence, the request for explanations given to Judge NFOMEPKA ABANDA Appolinaire Bruno by his superiors, and especially his response to the said request for explanations (all circulating on social media), the proof that Justice is subservient to the Executive power in our country: they dictate decisions to “judges”. This is precisely what the CRM has been denouncing for a long time, at best attracting no interest, at worst under the jeers of a few self-righteous, “patriots” of the belly or second-hand theorists of the immutable order and the sacred and sacralized legitimacy of state violence against its own citizens.

What  Mr Cyrus NGO’O case, on the one hand, and Mrs Mvogo Emiliene and others case, on the other hand, reveal in a blinding way, is tragic for the rule of law in Cameroon, and extremely serious for the future of our country.

Also, the CRM calls for the urgent opening of an administrative and parliamentary inquiry into the interference that prevents justice from being done in these cases, as in many others.

The CRM also demands that all the political consequences of the serious obstructions to justice in these cases be drawn.

The appeal trials of the CRM  political prisoners will give us the opportunity to vindicate, before the Courts of Appeal of the West in Bafoussam, of the Littoral in Douala, and of the Centre in Yaoundé, that our militants and sympathizers have been condemned by the Military Tribunals in violation of the laws and elementary rules for the administration of credible justice, and on the basis of the sole political will of the regime in place, in its feverish desire to maintain itself in power through terror and to all prices.

President Maurice KAMTO,
Yaounde, 4th june 2022