Feb 2019

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) has just been briefed about the arrest of Michèle NDOKI, lawyer, Vice-President of the Women Organization of the MRC (OFMRC), Departmental Secretary of the MRC of Douala 1 and a key activist in the Renaissance movement in Cameroon.

She was seriously wounded by three-gun bullets fired at close-range by the regime’s soldiers during the 26 January 2019 peaceful protest in Douala.  Barrister NDOKI was immediately admitted into a local medical facility, where she was receiving immediate medical attention due to her serious condition.

She was later taken away to a family home where she continued to receive medical attention.  While still receiving her treatment, she was arrested by soldiers loyal to the illegitimate regime in Yaoundé today, 26 February 2019.  It should be noted that, this new arrest of a lawyer of her calibre; member of the Cameroonian bar association and a prolific leader of MRC is part of a malicious plan by the dictatorial and illegitimate regime of Yaounde to dismantle the entire governing body of the MRC.

This new arrest, and all those that preceded it, is in flagrant violation of the laws of the Republic and the international conventions that Cameroon has ratified.

The MRC Europe vehemently condemns this new arrest and demands the immediate and unconditional release of President Maurice KAMTO, Barrister Michèle NDOKI, Professor Alain FOGUE, Célestin NJAMEN, Christian PENDA EKOKA, Albert NDZONGANG, Claude ABE (VALSERO), as well as all the other leaders, militants and sympathizers of the MRC and other Cameroonians unjustly and illegally arrested and imprisoned without trial.

It calls on the Cameroonian people to mobilize to defend the rule of law and support those who are fighting for the Renaissance of Cameroon.

Done at Strasbourg on 26 February 2019.

The Secretary of the Regional European Federation of the MRC

Henri DJOKO.