Mar 2020

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) expresses its deep concern with regard to the objectively insufficient measures taken by the Government in the context of the prevention and care of people with signs and/or carriers of infection with Covid-19 coronavirus.

While several African countries are already affected by this epidemic, including a border country, Nigeria, in Cameroon, at least three (03) suspected cases have already been officially reported. The measures taken so far reveal significant shortcomings recognised by the government itself in its latest “Situation Report” made public.

Thus, we note, among other things:

  • The lack of training of hospital staff in the treatment of Covid-19 cases;
  • The absence of a national infection prevention and control programme;
  • The lack of training of health personnel on Infection Prevention and Control;
  • The absence of a compliant Treatment Centre;
  • The absence of a stock of medication for the symptomatic treatment of cases;

The CRM wishes to draw the national opinion’s attention on this inconsistency of the Government and especially its lack of real commitment to protect the lives of Cameroonians. The mission of a government is to protect the lives of people; in view of the current situation, the Government, by its inability to anticipate, that is, its inability to govern, compromises the health security of Cameroonians.

Despite the technological limits of our health system, which in turn, are linked to the absence of a comprehensive health policy in the country, nothing can justify the absence of staff training and the absence of medication for the symptomatic treatment of patients with an epidemic that has already claimed more than 3,000 lives in less than 3 months.

The CRM demands that these serious shortcomings be corrected as soon as possible and that Cameroonians be informed in due time of the measures taken to ensure their health security.

The CRM remains seized of the health situation of Cameroonians in general and of the management of the ongoing epidemic in particular.

The CRM National Secretary in charge of Health and Social Protection,
Dr. Appollinaire Legrand OKO
Ebolowa, 04th march 2020