Dec 2020

Recurring reports point to the intensification of the Yaoundé regime’s efforts, it believes, to try once again to weaken and even destroy the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM). Thus, to the multitude of repressive and discriminatory measures of an administrative, political and judicial nature instituted against the CRM since its creation. Mr. Biya and his regime have now resorted to their preferred means: large-scale corruption.

While people across the country lack access to water, electricity and basic health care, or many schools in our cities and countryside lack everything, hundreds of millions of public funds are reportedly being misappropriated to bribe CRM militants. For those who would have decided to succumb to corruption, we can only respect their decision and leave them to face their conscience and history. Public opinion should in any case know that these people are acting in a strictly individual capacity, the CRM having neither been solicited nor involved, either directly or indirectly, in an initiative emanating or encouraged by the dictatorial regime in place.

Autistic and obstinate as few can be, the regime is thus trying to entertain Cameroonians with what it hopes will be a successful soap opera that could distract them from the real problems of the ship without a captain that is Cameroon. For if corruption had solved just one problem in the world, the African Cup of Nations would have taken place in Cameroon in 2019, Cameroonians would have all had access to drinking water in the year 2000, the national road network would have expanded in spite of over-billing; etc. The same will be true, as it always is, of political corruption. If they had the ability to bear any fruit, Mr. Biya’s governments would have long ago made Cameroon, in 39 years of reign, the power it deserves to be.

This regime is more than ever incapable of doing anything positive for Cameroon. It does not care about the misery of Cameroonians in all regions, the non-satisfaction of their basic social needs such as access to drinking water, electricity and primary health care, let alone the economic decline of our country marked in particular by the unravelling of its industrial fabric.

Political corruption and the buying of consciences cannot bring peace to the nation, beginning with the resolution of the Anglophone crisis which should be our priority. Political corruption and the buying of consciences cannot erase, as with a demonic wand the deep aspiration of our people to have legitimate political leaders, which requires a consensual reform of the electoral system, which, as it stands, guarantees massive fraud and the perpetuation in power of illegitimate leaders, the main cause of post-electoral tensions and crises in our country.

The Cameroonian people must remain mobilized and focused on what matters, namely the quest for their liberation. The success is sowing panic in the camp opposite. The people of the Resistance remain standing and can count on the CRM and the President-elect who remain loyal to them and will not betray them. The CRM is a state of mind. The spirit does not die.

Done at Yaoundé, 17 December 2020

The Secretary-General
Barrister Christopher Ndong