Aug 2017

The CRM National President Maurice KAMTO gives an appointment to all young Cameroonians of Littoral Region on Saturday, 12th August 2017 from 11 am at Hotel Beausejour Mirabel, Douala – AKWA. He shall answer all questions without hesitation.

In prelude to this important event, the CRM National President, accompanied by members of the CRM National Management Board, will visit the offices of the CRM Municipal Federations of Douala from Monday till Friday.

Program of the visits of the Municipal Federations

  • Monday, August 07th – Douala 1
  • Tuesday, August 08th – Douala 2
  • Wednesday, August 09th – Douala 3
  • Thursday, August 10th – Douala 4
  • Friday, August 11th – Douala 5