May 2016

Declaration on the political responsiblity of Mr. Emmanuel SADI, self-proclaimed heir apparent to President BIYA, the moral guilt of sub-divisional officer of Bertoua 1 and of madam President of the Lom and Djerem high court about the death of our militant Thomas YIMAFFO also known as “Pere THOM”.

On Tuesday, May 10th, 2016, Comrade THOMAS YIMAFFO who, along with three other comrades were victims of a traffic accident two kilometres to Ayos, Thursday, April 28th, 2016 finally passed away after bravely fighting against death for nearly two weeks.

It is important to remember that this brave and dedicated militant of the first hour and his comrades were urgently driving to Bertoua as a consequence of the state conspiracy against CRM at the highest level in favour of the CPDM, particularly the self-proclaimed heir apparent to President Paul Biya, and rudely implemented at the operational level by the corps of divisional officers, the sub-divisional officer of Bertoua 1, Martin Nkomba Epanle, illegally and discriminatorily banned the legally declared CRM rally.

And that decision, though contrary to the international commitments of Cameroon, to the country’s Constitution and Law N°90/055 of 19th December 1990 governing public meetings and manifestations, was politically assumed by Mr. Emmanuel SADI, already in the shoes of the future successor to President Biya, and therefore committed to stop any political competition with CRM he fears for 2018 elections.

Faced with this State injustice orchestrated to prepare the enthronement of Mr. SADI, CRM has, as a republican party, taken the matter before the high court of Lom and Djerem in order to cancel the sub-divisional officer’s decision.

This court has also decided to be part of the plot by baselessly delaying the case in order not to come out with a decision within eight days pursuant to Article 8 section 3 of Law No. 90/055 of 19th December 1990, i.e. before the fateful date of Saturday, April 30th, 2016 when we were supposed to hold the dreaded rally.
The party lawyer filed a petition upon notification of the decision of the sub-divisional officer on 20th April, the High Court dismissed the petition on the dubious ground that the lawyer was not competent to introduce it.

Despite the specious character of the high Court argumentation, the National Secretary of the party, barrister Christopher NDONG NVEH, reintroduced another petition on 22nd April, which still left the court enough time to make a decision by April 30th.
But, never short of ideas to avoid a decision in this case, the high Court asked that the National Secretary of the party produces the act that attests to his position.

This document was produced in a rush but the Court still denied to render a decision on the case even though reasons put forward by the sub-divisional officer of Bertoua 1 were clearly political namely:
• “Bertoua square is not reserved for political parties’ rallies which have their halls (…);
• The security situation in the region in general punctuated by attacks, abductions and killings”.

On its determination to manipulate the party and its leaders, the high court, after receiving all items requested to confirm the position of the National Secretary, pushed the legal cynicism by requiring on Thursday morning, April 28th that the petition be signed by the national president of the party for its consideration.
It is while driving in a rush to Bertoua to bring the petition signed by the national president, Pr. Maurice KAMTO, that the four CRM militants were victims of an accident as a result of the burst of the right front tire of their car.

These comrades, determined not to be discouraged by the state plot and believing that the Lom and Djerem high court could be the last refuge for the heir apparent to President Biya, Emmanuel SADI, to muzzle CRM and its National President, had to take away any objective reasons madam president of the high court could have not to render a decision on the case before Saturday 30th April.

That is, in fact, the administrative and judicial context in which our comrades were victims of the fateful accident that ultimately killed comrade THOMAS also known as “Père Tom”.

Despite the occurrence of the accident, our comrade in charge of the party installation, released after examination in the Yaoundé Emergency Centre at around 11 pm that Thursday, April 28th, against common sense, took a bus at Mvan in order to be in Bertoua when the office of madam president of the high court opens.
Madam President of the high court, refusing to make a decision before the rally, simply deserted the court all day Friday, April 29th although she was informed that the CRM lawyer was waiting to plead the case with serenity, as he had enough ground to prove that the sub-divisional officer decision was discriminatory.

Finally, it is Tuesday, May 3rd 2016, three days after the fateful April 30th that Madam President of the high court, whose attitude was due to a personal interest in this matter, scheduled the hearing during which she had to rule on the petition to cancel the sub-divisional officer’s decision prohibiting CRM rally of April 30th!
It appears that Mr Emmanuel SADI on behalf of which the whole administrative and judicial manoeuvre was cynically orchestrated is politically responsible for the death of “Père THOM” and possible after-effects that would be the life burden of his other three comrades considered lucky for now.

Since the launch of CRM back in August 2012, informed that Pr. Maurice KAMTO joined the party, with the finesse of an elephant in a china shop, Mr Emmanuel Sadi ordered the sub-divisional officer of Yaoundé III to conduct an assault by security forces on a large hotel and, by night, organized a press conference surrounded by all his staff to come out with false declarations just to hide his fear of facing the CRM and its National President, Pr. Maurice KAMTO during presidential elections of 2018 for which he is already convinced to be the candidate of the CPDM.

A few weeks later, he maneuvered to get the sub-divisional officer of Yaoundé I Mr. Ndongo to ban the holding of the CRM Convention.
As to remove any doubt about the fact that it is he who is manoeuvring the state conspiracy against CRM and its National President, he promoted the sub-divisional officer of Yaoundé III, who had a very inelegant way tried to stop the launch of CRM, to the position of divisional officer of Haut – Nkam and the sub-divisional officer of Yaoundé 1 to the position of divisional officer of Hauts-Plateaux, the division of origin of President Maurice KAMTO.
If the putative heir apparent of President Biya is politically responsible for the death of “Père THOM”, Cameroonians can assess the moral guilt of the sub-divisional officer of Bertoua 1 and that of madam president of the Lom and Djerem high court.

CRM lawyers are already working on the possibility of a court case to establish the criminal responsibility of those who, by their actions, have forced CRM militants to drive to Bertoua that fateful Thursday, April 28th, 2016.

The death of “Père THOM” is the tragic consequence of the state conspiracy against CRM and its National President whose epicentre is in the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation (MINATD), and the cynical implementation enforced by the Corps of divisional officers. It is hoped that the involvement of Madam President of the Lom and Djerem high court remains an isolated case.

The self-proclaimed successor to President Biya who, somewhat hastily, thinks he already has the approval of his opponents or internal enemies in his party, simply because it is said that the head of state listens to him, and therefore now uses the corps of divisional officers to neutralize the CRM before the next presidential election scheduled for 2018, should know that by going after the CRM party and its leader, he may reveal early to his opponents and many enemies of the CPDM how he could treat them if he finally became president, as he considers himself for some time now.

Entangled in a long, very long process of decentralization and the results of which are poor, Emmanuel SADI should prove his capacity to lead Cameroon by finally making good of decentralization which, since 2004, has taken huge sums in seminars and conferences.
It should also improve his quality as a statesman by refraining to support unpatriotic theses as he did Friday, April 29th during the audience granted to the CRM executive Board in presence of witnesses, including his closest collaborators.

In fact, he tried to justify the holding of the expensive CPDM rally in Maroua April 23rd, 2016, a city particularly subject to insecurity by the Boko Haram sect, on the fact that it was organized by the sons and daughters of the Far North region while the sub-divisional officer of Bertoua 1 motivated his discriminatory decision prohibiting the CRM public manifestation alleging widespread insecurity in the east.

This logically meant that he had endorsed the discriminatory decision of his collaborator, and for the occasion implementation officer, as the CRM National president, Pr. Maurice KAMTO is not a son of the East.

In the last conversations we had with him before he passed away, the courageous, dedicated, patriotic “Père THOM ” has called his comrades and his compatriots not to lose too much time crying for him but to work harder to release Cameroon of a regime that blossoms on the suffering of the people.
He wished that the land in which he was born and that he loved so much, certainly more than those, many in the upper echelons of the state, whose little patriotism easily measures up to what they have been benefitting from the republic for decades, finally found a political appeasement.
You were certainly rushed to death “Père THOM” , but for your comrades and certainly for many Cameroonians, including those from the party whom Mr. Sadi already sees himself as the leader to have his old dream of ruling Cameroon come true, you did not die for nothing.

You paid with your life for the state organized ostracism which your party is a victim of but many are your compatriots who have noticed your sacrifice, courage and combativeness against injustice they experience daily and which our leaders feed.

CRM Militants and supporters must stick together in this sad moment that the political elegance of MINATD and their operatives, and ultimately, the proper application of justice by Madam President of the Lom and Djerem high court could have avoided. Even muzzled the CRM party remains bearer of hope for the people of Cameroon.

The CRM Communication team.

Yaoundé, 29th May 2016