Jul 2020

For almost two months, news in the education sector has been dominated by the recruitment of 3,000 schoolteachers. This drive, which is part of a process, aims to recruit 12,000 teachers by 2024.

The CRM notes that, as in several cases of recruitment carried out by the current regime, this recruitment of schoolteachers was marred by multiple irregularities. According to unsuccessful candidates, the recruitment committee did not take into account the main criteria which should guide its work, namely: the age of the candidate and the age of the required diploma. The recruitment process would also be marked by fraud, corruption and favouritism.

Given the seriousness of the accusations, the plight of the young Cameroonians concerned and the indifference of the supervisory ministry, the CRM calls the Prime Minister’s attention to their situation and urges him to receive the protesters, to instruct the opening of an investigation to establish responsibilities in order to take appropriate administrative sanctions, without prejudice, if any, to legal proceedings against the perpetrators of wrongdoing. The acts of fraud, corruption and favouritism which are unacceptable whatever the sector of activity concerned cannot go unpunished, particularly in a sector as sensitive as that of education.

The CRM requests that a re-examination of the files of the failed candidates be carried out, so that those of them who meet the criteria initially demanded are reinstated in their rights, but also that those who have been recruited fraudulently be outright removed from the lists.

The CRM deplores that the education sector has lost, over time, its influence in our country, because of these practices which adhere to this regime of prevaricators of contempt against teachers in general and those of nursery and elementary school in particular.

The CRM extends its sympathy to the candidates unfairly rejected in the contested recruitment process and invites them to show self-sacrifice in their fight for the respect of their rights, and therefore for justice in our country.
Yaoundé, this 18th July 2020.

(é) The National President
Yaoundé July 18, 2020
Maurice KAMTO