Aug 2017

Since its launch in 2012, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) has clearly stated that there was an “anglophone problem” in our country (one can see it in its memorandum published on its website www.mrcparty.org), and indicated that this issue should be resolved through dialogue.

The CRM National President reiterated it during the party rally held on 25 June 2016 in Bamenda, insisting on the need to resolve this problem through dialogue.

In a communiqué released a few days ago, the CRM has proposed to the government of our country ways to resolve what has become the “anglophone crisis”. Among those ways, the unconditional release of anglophone leaders and all those arrested during these events was a prerequisite.

The President of the Republic ordered and announced, through the Secretary General to the Presidency of the Republic, the discontinuance of the prosecution pending against leaders of the anglophone protest movement, some of whom are named and others mentioned, we do not know exactly the persons concerned nor according to which criteria they were selected among the others.

This release is a positive step in the search for a solution through dialogue, as we have always advocated. But it is to be feared that the release of three prominent figures of the protest and of “certain other people” is not enough to completely and durably resolve the crisis ongoing for about ten months in the Northwest and Southwest regions of our country.

Indeed, the use of force, the contempt displayed against the demands of our anglophone compatriots by our government have led us into the impasse that we know today. Instead of implementing the comprehensive approach to the crisis contained in the CRM’s proposals, the government preferred, as usual, a measure that can offer a short-term respite but does not solve the problem in depth. If a wound is treated superficially, it will heal on the surface, but will continue to putrefy inside and will attack and eat up the bone.

This means that the decision to discontinue the prosecution of “certain” persons arrested in the context of the anglophone crisis should be further complemented by a political mission of peace in the anglophone regions of the country and the establishment of a framework of sincere dialogue for the search for a consensual and definitive solution to the “anglophone problem” in our country.

This release, which the government would like to present once again as a gesture of magnanimity of the Head of State, is a timely application of the law, in this case article 13 paragraph 4 of the new code of military justice which has not been followed faithfully, since it provides that “on prescription of the President of the Republic, the Minister in charge of military justice may discontinue any criminal proceedings before the military court at any time before the judgment is pronounced”. This other failure to abide by the law adds up to many other cases of violation of the laws of the Republic. A serious situation that betrays the amateurism of a government that acts too often in urgency, precipitation, confusion, and improvisation.

The CRM recalls its propositions made a few days ago to resolve this crisis definitively and they are:

  • Unconditional release of all persons arrested during this crisis
  • The establishment by the Head of State of a delegation composed of Religious leaders, Traditional leaders, Representatives of political parties represented in Parliament to go on mission in the anglophone parts of the country in order to express the sympathy and compassion of the Nation to our brothers and sisters affected by the dramatic events of those last 10 months.
  • The establishment by the Head of State of an open and sincere dialogue framework in which all grievances and demands of our anglophone compatriots and the imperatives of the construction of a united nation must be expressed, knowing that secession is not an option.

On the announcement of such measures, the CRM would strongly ask the people, school and academic authorities of the North-West and South-West regions to have a peaceful and true back-to-school for a better future of our young compatriots there.

Yaounde, 30th August 2017
The National President
Maurice KAMTO.