Dec 2018

It is announced in the coming weeks the launch of a television channel called GCTV, presented as a “pro KAMTO” television, with current features in circulation headlining the image of HE Maurice KAMTO, the legitimate President following the 7th of October 2018 presidential election.

Although this initiative is totally independent of the President Maurice KAMTO, the CRM and the winning coalition that supported him during the last presidential campaign, HE Maurice KAMTO expresses his best wishes for the success of this new television. He especially wishes that the new television contributes to the promotion of a true democracy, to the respect of the rights and liberties, to the establishment of the rule of law and to the expression of a plurality of opinions in our country, as well as the consolidation of national unity and cohesion, the acceptance of our linguistic, ethnic, social and religious wealth, the formation of citizenship and the respect of republican institutions, notwithstanding the political edges, and the production of balanced and quality information.

President Maurice KAMTO takes this opportunity to inform the public that the project of the Renaissance online television, on which teams have been working since 2016 and of which he has already unveiled the existence during one of his media appearances, will become a reality in a few days.

(s) The Communication Team of the Coalition around Maurice KAMTO.

Yaounde, 7th December 2018.