Dec 2018

The production of the CRM membership cards follows the following procedure:

1 – The secretary of the Unit is responsible for collecting all the requests for cards from his/her Unit and the related costs. These fees must be immediately paid into the party account No 10005-00001 03458061001-74 at Afriland First Bank or by Orange Money (Type #150#, enter 4 then select « other goods », enter the code 162132 then type the amount to send and finally enter your secret code).

2 – The Secretary of the Unit sends the list of card applicants to the Secretary of the sub-divisional Federation together with proof of payment of fees. The Secretary of the sub-divisional Federation compiles each week all the lists received, along with the payment vouchers and transmits them to the National Card Production Unit either by E-mail at: filemembers@mrcparty.org or by WhatsApp at +237 666 10 83 39 or at +237 673 48 78 76.

3 – The data, computerised or formatted by hand, must contain the following information:

  • Full first and family names,
  • Date of membership,
  • Member’s unit, sub-divisional, divisional and regional federation,
  • Telephone number of the member.

If the data is computerised, it will have to be MS-WORD file to send. If the data is handwritten, then it will be necessary to film them to send.

4 – Upon receipt of requests for card production by the National Card Production Unit, copies of proof of payment shall be sent immediately to the National Treasurer for prior confirmation. The lists received and the payment vouchers that accompany them are sent to the Party’s Card Production Unit. The latter has a period of 7 days to produce the cards requested.

5 – The cards produced are sent to the requesting basic organ by the National Production Unit.

6 – Any application that does not follow the procedure above or that is not accompanied by proof of actual payment of fees will not be processed.

The Secretary General,

Barrister NDONG Christopher NVEH.