Apr 2020

Mister President of the Management Committee of Survie – Cameroon – Survival Initiative,

My Dear Christian,

As part of the national fight against the COVID-19 pandemic which is engaged in our country, a fight to which every citizen must contribute, regardless of what the public authorities can do, I am pleased to support the citizen humanitarian actions of Survie- Cameroon Survival Initiative by donating to you these  medical and non-medical equipment.

This donation is made on a personal basis, that is to say by citizen Maurice KAMTO.

The donation is composed of the following items:
– 10,000 (ten thousand) facial masks;
– 6,800 (six thousand eight hundred) surgical masks;
– 950 (nine hundred and fifty) COVID-19 screening tests.

I invite all Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon to support the work of this citizen humanitarian Initiative, a work which our country is most in need of today.

Allow me, Mr. Chairman of the Management Committee, to tell you how much transparency and fairness in the management of the resources made available to your teams will be crucial parameters in the final assessment of that humanitarian action by donors and the public opinion.

I know the importance that you attach to such values, as testify by your probity, your eloquent track records and your patriotism.

I take this opportunity to renew to you and your team of volunteers, my best wishes in the conduct of this enterprise of the greatest importance !

Yaoundé, April 30, 2020
Pr. Maurice KAMTO