Feb 2023

Multiple sources of information, sometimes confusing, report the distress of Cameroonians caught in the trap of the xenophobic policy of the Tunisian government. In this flow of information, we learnt that some of our compatriots have already lost their lives in circumstances that remain to be clarified, and that others are in extreme distress.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) expresses its sympathy to these compatriots, whatever their status, and to their families. It
recalls that migrants are human beings, whose rights  starting with the right to life  must be respected and their protection ensured, especially as they are in a situation of great vulnerability.

This reminder is particularly serious in a context where the ill-treatment of sub-Saharan Africans is accompanied by clearly racist, deeply shocking, and totally unacceptable remarks by the highest authority of the Tunisian State, a country that is part of the family of African nations, united within the African Union. The CRM also recalls, in this regard, the political and moral commitment of all States, including Tunisia, made in various international instruments in recent years, including the Global Compact for Migration adopted in 2018.

The CRM stresses that the government of Cameroon has an obligation to ensure the protection of the lives of Cameroonians within and outside our borders. It therefore calls on the government to act urgently to save the lives of our compatriots still on Tunisian soil, and to ask Tunisia, in the required diplomatic manner, to shed light on the persistent allegations of the death of our compatriots in that country.

At the same time, the CRM requests a communication from the government of our country on these painful events which shock our human conscience and plunge many families into anxiety and disarray.

Done in Yaounde, on 26 February 2023
The National President
Maurice KAMTO