Nov 2017

Since the beginning of the Anglophone crisis, the CRM has expressed its unequivocal condemnation of these violence and assassinations.  In keeping with its position, the CRM continually denounces and condemns the murder of soldiers and civilians in the North West Region which took place between the 6th to the 8th November, 2017.  The party presents its condolences to bereaved families as well as wishes for a speedy recovery to those wounded.

After the useless and unjustified attacks of the 1st of October, 2017 orchestrated by the Cameroon armed forces on the North-West and South-West Regions, armed attacks by aggressors who did also claimed that they partly committed these crimes against forces of law and order, marks a critical turning point in what was initially conceived to be a political crisis, but that the Government has worked hard to turn it into a security crisis, now, is gradually getting into a civil war.

This terrible change of situation is the result of the insolent indifference of the President of the Republic, Paul BIYA, vis-à-vis the problems posed by Cameroonians.  Also the intense verbal insolence and provocation from some ministers and government officials; the irresponsible policy of the CPDM and its allied parties who, obviously blinded by privileges they derive from power, do not yet realize that the New Deal Regime has just engaged the country in an adventure.  The President of the Republic, the Government, the CPDM and its allied parties have been, since December 2016, permanently informed to the real risks of a civil war in the country by both political parties and civil society organizations, international organizations, reports from specialized research centers, and countries friendly to Cameroon.

Unfortunately, since the armed attacks by law enforcement officers of the 6th, 7th, and the 8th of November, 2017 indicates that we have finally moved to a civil war; the popular wisdom which teaches us that, to nervously break the thermometer which can indicate the symptoms of an acute fever, and which does not cure the patient, is now proven.

In fact, the ridiculous insults from government officials, militants of the CPDM and allied parties within the Government, on all those who tried to inform the President of the Republic, on the dangers of destroying this country, and the threat of an imminent civil war were blocked. President BIYA, inherited power on the 6th of November, 1982 in Cameroon, when it was united and peaceful, but today, with the blind support of his fans, succeeded to plunge the country into what appears more and more like a country faced with civil war, because of his arrogant lack of consideration for Cameroonians and Biya’s indifference to the legitimate concerns of Cameroonians.  Since May 2014 when he ordered the army to fight in the northern part of the country, he has never felt obliged to go to Maroua to bring comfort of the Nation to the populations of the Far North, despite the deaths and sufferings of the populations.  And as I had already said, the time of the quibble on the “Time of the President” and the philosophy on “presidential silence” is out dated! The country has caught fire in the anglophone regions.

How can President BIYA, elected for several successive terms with scores of nearly 80%, be so afraid of his people? Even when the said people are in great helplessness, urgently requiring his political intervention?

The President of the Republic must finally remember that he is at the service of Cameroonians and Cameroon not the other way around! He must, for that reason, do whatever within his reach to stop the civil war started in the North-West region while threatening the South-West Region with the risk of expanding into the whole country.

In this respect, the CRM invites him to:
– Get out of his method of political ‘contempt’ vis-à-vis Cameroonians;
– Release and stop the prosecution of all persons detained in the context of the Anglophone crisis;
– Present the Nation’s condolences to families of all the victims and Government’s apologies to the populations of the two Regions;
– To go and meet himself the populations of the said regions, who have been begging for his visit since the beginning of the crisis, to announce the extent of the political discussions, since failures of the Government and the Prime Minister are now obvious;
– Organize the national political dialogue that will address the thorny Anglophone question, electoral issues, including the revision of the Electoral Code, and institutional reforms.

National President
Maurice KAMTO
Yaounde, 21st November 2017