Oct 2018

From the outset, I would like to solemnly thank the Cameroonian people, who once again demonstrated by their votes, maturity, wisdom, strength, and commitment to change.

I also express my gratitude to the militants, supporters and all the other members of our winning coalition as well as all the volunteers who took an active part in this historic and unprecedented presidential campaign.

I was entrusted with the task of scoring  the historic penalty. I made it. The goal was scored. I hear the cheers coming up from all parts of the country and from the diaspora.

I call on the national and international opinion to take note of this historic event that made possible a democratic change in our country.

Fellow Cameroonians, you make us very proud. Rejoice and celebrate!

We are deeply committed to peace and have been calling for it ever since the creation of the CRM in 2012 and throughout the election campaign.

I have received from the Cameroonian people a clear mandate that Iam firmly committed to fully defend.

I invite the outgoing President of the Republic to organize the conditions for a peaceful transmission of power, in order to protect Cameroon from a post-electoral crisis that our country does not need, because it would compromise its future. As I so pledged, I assure, himself and his family, of the full guarantees of security, immunity and respect in accordance with his status and his family’s position.

I call on the administrative authorities, the defense and security forces to let prevail the republican order, so that they positively support this solemn and historic moment to the celebration of which the Cameroonian people collectively invited us in a memorable way. My arms remain open to them to work together for the national renaissance.

At this unique moment, I have a special thought for all those women and men, young and old, who have suffered flesh wounds or have escaped death, and others still detained for their daring acts to oppose the several frauds orchestrated by the regime and its henchmen.

I appeal to the other candidates in the presidential election who, like us, have worked for a peaceful change in our country, to be mobilised to defend in case of need, the will of the people as expressed during the 7th of October election. My call is also addressed to all political forces and civil society organisations, and ultimately to all Cameroonians who love peace and democracy.

Last but not least; I have a special thought for our fellow compatriots, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons from the North-West and the South-West regions. I only have one word, and I will stand by  it. I am coming soon to reconcile our Nation as a family. I am committed to rebuilding the villages that have been burnt down, and to compensating the incurred losses. Don’t lose hope. Very soon the sun will rise and shine again over the North-West and the South-West regions.

God bless you all !

God bless Cameroon, our beloved Nation !

Maurice KAMTO,

Yaoundé, 08th of October 2018