Sep 2018

At the beginning of the upcoming school year 2018-2019, we were astonished to learn of the content of a textbook on the agenda of the secondary schools curriculum for the second form classes called “Excellence in Basic Sciences: a Student’s Book”, by NMI Education Editions.

On the pretext of protecting our children from declining sexual values, the authors and the advocates of this course textbook recommend a teaching which seems highly suspicious. That is why we must say no to this perverting ploy of our education system. Let us jointly claim for the mere withdrawal of this school textbook. Indeed, we feel that it is a willful disguised purpose of familiarizing Cameroonian youth with the excesses derived from sex practices which could pave the way for moral depravity of twelve year young children.

While voluntarily avoiding the same shocking and indecent words used by the authors of this textbook, we strongly condemn the detailed illustrated description and the thinly disguised promotion of sexual excesses and moral perversity advocated by a book intended for the youth.  We condemn this trivialization of certain terms used by the authors who we regard as a mental training of our young children to familiarize themselves with those practices and live with them. That is absolutely unacceptable!

We say yes to sex education exalting morality. We are, however, totally opposed to the use of such supports with their catchy spirit, because the goal of a good sexl education can be achieved while ensuring some prudishness.

It is why I call on all the Cameroonians for whom the family, the children and the education possess a unique and inviolable human value, to join me in order to denounce, combat, stop and completely annihilate this attempt of massive perversion of our youth. Let us protect our children through whatever means we can.

Therefore, let us say no this perversion ploy of our education system, and claim for the mere withdrawal of this school textbook.

Maurice KAMTO

Candidate for the presidential election of October 07, 2018 in Cameroon.

Yaounde 07 September 2018.