Jan 2022

In my end-of year message on 31 December 2021, I informed you of the numerous calls made by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) concerning the defence of fundamental human rights in our country, in particular after the extrajudicial and provocative conviction of more than 50 of our militants and sympathizers to senseless prison sentences and which can only be understood as sentences of revenge. I promised you then that our party would examine the most appropriate means to effectively follow up on these calls.

Cameroon is a great football nation. Everyone knows the fervour of Cameroonians for this so-called “king” sport.

They have been hoping for this Africa Cup of Nations. They finally have it.

Always attentive to the expectations of its people, the CRM stands by their side to make this competition a welcoming moment in the midst of so many hardships.

We are not forgetting any of our problems: from the illegal arrest and the above-mentioned unjust sentencing of our militants and sympathisers to the oppressive phenomenon of the high cost of living; from the worrying security situation, especially with the civil war in the North-West and South-West regions and the murderous attacks by Boko Haram as well as the inter-communal conflicts in the Far North to the multi-faceted economic, governance, social, political and democratic problems.

These problems will still be there after the Africa Cup of Nations. There will still be time to face them after the euphoria of this singular event, and- we hope- to find the appropriate solutions in the interest of all.

The release of all our political prisoners remains an unconditional demand.

For the time being, let us all welcome together, without distinction of political side, in the dignity and African hospitality of our country, the foreigners from all horizons who will visit it.

May those who will be in the stadiums carry our “Indomitable Lions” to victory while maintaining fair play towards all the other teams, so that on the evening of 6 February, the best team will win the continental trophy.

Welcome to Cameroon, a whole continent in one country!

Yaoundé, 6 January 2022
Maurice KAMTO
National President