Mar 2020

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) informs national and international public opinion that the President-elect, Maurice KAMTO, escaped on Friday March 13th, 2020 an assassination in Garoua, the capital of the North Region of Cameroon.

As a matter of fact, three individuals, in plain clothes, on motorcycles, driving at the level of President KAMTO’s vehicle, approached his door, after having successively filmed all the license plates of the motorcade vehicles. It was then that the security team began to apprehend those concerned. After one of the three fled for no reason, the other two, including one with a gun, introduced themselves, under the pressure from the crowd, as members of the government security forces. Faced with these facts, the suspect carrying the weapon, a man named NGWE Jean Fils, protected from the fury of the populations, was taken, safe and sound, to the services of the Governor of the North Region with his weapon and the motorcycle that he was driving.

The CRM recalls that these facts come after the declaration of the President-Elect on November 25th, 2019, reporting an unfortunate plan of Mr BIYA regime to physically eliminate him as well as his allies and other CRM officials. It should be noted that this information has never been denied by the illegitimate regime of Yaoundé to date. This assassination attempt also comes after two other significant facts: on the one hand, the firing of a shot by a soldier in the passage of President KAMTO’s motorcade on the bridge of the Dibamba river, in the Littoral Region, on February 26th, 2020, after his popular and historic welcome in Douala, following his recent international tour; on the other hand, the recent CRM statement on the multifaceted threats suffered daily by CRM militants and their family members.

The CRM therefore observes that the illegal and illegitimate regime of Yaoundé is determined to assassinate the President elected by Cameroonians and does not hesitate to mobilise the security services to achieve it. There is a very clear drive from this regime  to see the whole country sink into a conflagration, in particular, in the French-speaking part, after the useless and devastating war which it carries out with ferocity and in violation of all the international conventions against the Cameroonian people in the North-West and South-West Regions, a war which has already caused thousands of civilian and military deaths. It would then be a reason for Mr BIYA to cling to power against the will of the Cameroonian people who rejected it during the last presidential election of 2018 and during the massive boycott of the twin elections on February 9th, 2020. This is the opportunity to strongly remind foreign supporters of Mr BIYA of the historic responsibility that will be theirs if the physical integrity of the legitimate President of Cameroon is affected. In all cases, the CRM formally and solemnly warns Mister BIYA and all those who, directly or indirectly, are associated with this unfortunate plan, about the very serious consequences of their evil undertaking.

Despite the revolting nature of this act, we call on Cameroonians to exercise restraint. We invite them not to attack this gendarme, his family or any member of the security forces; because the gendarme in question is only a simple agent of execution of an evil plan against our people orchestrated from the top of the State, and of which he may not understand all the issues.

However, this is an opportunity to remind each woman and each man who is a member of the security forces of their individual responsibility in managing the very delicate situation facing our country. The barbaric acts observed during the massive and illegal arrests of our militants in 2019, the ensuing acts of torture in various police and gendarmerie services and assassination attempts like that of Friday March 13th, 2020 on the President-elect, Maurice KAMTO, will now give rise to appropriate popular responses. And the regime alone will bear the consequences. The CRM’s peaceful option, which it firmly believes in, should not be viewed by the small clan of extremists who control power as a sign of weakness.

Cameroonians can see that Mr NGWE Jean Fils is free after his assassination attempt on the legitimate President of Cameroonians, while CRM militants, Vice President Mamadou YACOUBA, Sylvanus MUTAGHA, Serge NANA NANA, Rosange JIMENI and sixteen others have been illegally arrested, arbitrarily sentenced for some and unjustly kept in prison for imaginary offenses. Of course, the CRM has no illusions about the legal consequences of the serious incident of March 13th, 2020, because it is the same power which firmly controls the justice in Cameroon which is the first responsible for the assassination attempt.

The President-Elect keeps on with his activities in complete serenity with the peaceful populations of the North and will continue with the determination and the usual wisdom to assume his responsibilities. The Cameroonian people have entrusted their destiny to him, and the current usurpation does not change anything.

The CRM Secretary General
Bar. NDONG Christopher NVEH
Yaounde, 14th March 2020

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