Mar 2020

The security network around the President-elect, Maurice KAMTO, the allies, CRM officials and militants, since the tremendous reception in Deido on February 26th organised to commend the historic presidential tour in the diaspora and the landslide victory of the boycott during the February 9th twin elections, became aggressive.

Security officers are now even breaking into homes to threaten families, including attacking children.

It is time for the country’s security officials to pull themselves together and withdraw from the political arena. State terror and repression, maintained in a demonstrative manner, are not the paths of wisdom that the chaotic situation in Cameroon commands, simply because of a man’s thirst for power.

By terror and state repression, the illegal regime of Mr Paul BIYA rather multiplies the chances of igniting the whole country, after having started an unjustified civil war in the two English-speaking regions.

The CRM is asking the clans which act to provoke the Cameroonian people to pull themselves together while there is still time in the interest of the whole country.
The CRM calls on Cameroonians to remain vigilant and above all to be ready.

The MRC invites the international community to take note of the provocations to which its leaders, allies and militants have been subjected across the country since the exceptional demonstration of popular force, both in the diaspora and inside the country, of its leader the President-elect, Maurice KAMTO.

The Secretary General
Barrister Christopher NDONG