Jun 2022

In a press release dated 7th June 2022, the Armed Forces communication revealed the assassination, by certain elements of the Defence Forces, of nine (09) civilians, including an 18-month-old child and four women, on the evening of Wednesday 1st June 2022 in Missong through Zhoa, in the Fungom Subdivision,  Mentchum Division in the North West Region.

In addition to the nine innocent people killed by men responsible, in principle, for their protection and their safety against external threats, a 12-month-old child, also hit by a bullet fired by soldiers, has since been hospitalized.

This drama, which the Army described as a “blunder”, is the excess “blunder” in this useless civil war into which a handful of people have plunged our country for nearly six years, on the basis of interests which are not those of the Cameroonian people.

In fact, this war in which, in total indifference of an absent President of the Republic and of the hierarchy of the Army, are dying young soldiers, young armed rebel fighters and civilian populations, only favour the business activities of a circle of people who live off the tragedy of populations and the misfortune of the country. This must stop now! Our people have suffered enough from their macabre game.

Before the Missong drama, there were several other “blunders”, including that of Ngarbuh, which later turned out to be a state lie. More than two years after this tragedy in Ngarbuh, the government continues to obstruct the manifestation of the truth before the Yaoundé Military Tribunal.

The multiplication of “blunders” in this civil war that the CPDM regime and its organic intellectuals have – irresponsibly – encouraged, no doubt hoping to be able to escape in this way from their disastrous record of the management of the country, elicit questions on what has happened to  the professionalism of our Army, once recognized and rightly celebrated.

How can the power hope to make the Army-Nation link effective when these “blunders” are so recurrent and so deadly, including for babies?

In my own name and on behalf of the militants and supporters of the CRM,  I extend our most saddened condolences to the families so hard hit by the death of some of their loved ones. I wish a speedy recovery to the injured and still hospitalized infant and a lot of courage to his families.

The CRM notes that Parliament is unworthy of representing the interests of the Cameroonian people as long as it proves incapable of taking up a subject as vital as the civil war which has ravaged the English-speaking regions of the country for more than five years now, in particular the failure of the famous Major Dialogue of 2019.

The CRM considers that the high command of our Army has failed in the role of adviser that he should have played to the political power to dissuade them from letting the Defence Forces be responsible for the resolution of a problem whose solution is essentially political.

In this moment of sadness for our Nation, the militants of the MRC are all the more affected as some of their comrades are serving heavy prison sentences across the country and must pay heavy fines, simply for having peacefully demanded the end of the budget-consuming civil war and the organisation of a real inclusive national dialogue to seek, among Cameroonians, a lasting solution to the causes of this war. They remain bruised by the death in detention of the young political hostage, their comrade Rodrigue NDAGUEHO KOUFET, killed by negligence for having marched peacefully, on 22 September 2020, like many of his comrades, against this dirty war.

So that these compatriots of Missong did not die for nothing, like the others before them, the CRM hopes that their lives snatched for nothing will sound a patriotic awakening of Cameroonians, consequently they peacefully demand from Mr  Paul BIYA, of the CPDM regime , of the women and men who say they represent them in the various public institutions, the immediate end of this civil war which is sowing misfortune in our people and our country, in particular to the soldiers and their families, to the armed rebel fighters and their families , to innocent populations, to our youth, to our public finances, to our economy, to the future of our children, to the image of our Army, and to national cohesion.

Done in Yaoundé on Tuesday, 7th June 2022
President Maurice KAMTO