May 2017

As part of the preparations for the parade on the 45th Unity Day in the Mfoundi Division in Yaoundé, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) took part in meetings organized by the divisional officer. During these meetings, each party discloses to the authorities the number of quadrants of militants that it intends to line up during the parade at the 20th May Boulevard. For its part, CRM indicated, in a letter, that it intended to line up fifty (50) quadrants, or about 7500 people. But a few days before the event, by a prefectoral order, CRM was authoritatively allocated only 05 quadrants of the 50 asked for.

While the regime is struggling to get populations to believe that the CPDM is singlehandedly controlling the Mfoundi division, the parade of 50 quadrants of CRM would have contradicted that lie this year like in the past four years. So they chose to force the party to present only 5 quadrants while the CPDM is allocated 35 on political arguments. CRM sees in this decision the expression of the panic that wins the CPDM one year ahead of the different elections of 2018.

If they hoped to discourage our party from taking part in the parade on the 20th May Boulevard in Yaoundé with such a dirty job, the initiators of this unworthy manoeuvre would be deceived. A republican and patriotic party, for the sake of the Republic and the unity of our nation, CRM will march even if only one of its militants was allowed.

CRM calls on its Mfoundi militants, who are angry at the unfair decision to end their efforts in preparing for the parade of the 45th Unity Day of our country, to continue working in more local presence of the party and calling on the population to go and register on electoral rolls with ELECAM, in order to take their revenge, with ballot boxes and in peace, on due time.

Communication team
17th May, 2017.