Aug 2017

Since the launching of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) in 2012, the party had announced that there exist an Anglophone Problem in Cameroon (it is found in CRM’s party manifesto published on its website: www.mrcparty.org) and the party proposed that the said problem can be solved through dialogue.

The National President of CRM, Maurice KAMTO did re-echo the same message during CRM party’s public meeting that held in Commercial Avenue Bamenda, on the 25th of June 2016.  Maurice KAMTO in his speech insisted, to the hearing of the population that gathered that, there is the necessity to solve the Anglophone Problem through dialogue.

Unfortunately, the Government of President Paul Biya decided to give deaf ears to this strong positive signal from the CRM leader and in November of 2016, the Anglophone Problem burst out.  Since the outburst of the Anglophone problem, the President of the Republic, whom following the Constitution, is the one to incarnate national unity, ensures the respect of the Constitution, guarantee territorial integrity, and to secure permanently and continually the State, would have gone to these two regions concerned (Northwest and Southwest) meet and assure the population, that he has come himself, to directly listen to their grievances so as to finally provide appropriate solutions to their wellbeing within the Cameroon Nation.  Such moves imperatively inscribed in our country’s Constitution above cited, having not been respected, even when there is a serious crisis, the President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement did proposed a solution grounded on two points to wit:

The putting in place by the Head of State a POLITICAL DELEGATION comprised of:

  • Religious Leaders
  • Traditional Rulers (01 each from the 10 regions of Cameroon)
  • Representatives of Political Parties represented in Parliament

This Political Delegation shall be bearer of a message of PEACE and COMPASSION to their fellow brothers and sisters of these two Anglophone Regions of our country.  The Political Delegation, as a point of duty, shall go to the Northwest and Southwest regions to make the population understand that we are all one and that they have heard their cries and have come to wipe their tears.

This shall show good faith on the part of Government in resolving peacefully these problems, the Political Delegation have to carry with them accompanying measures to pacify, give confidence notably the immediate and unconditional release of all those arrested in Northwest and Southwest Regions during the Anglophone crisis.

On the basis of this political move and the above measures, the CRM party think that parents of these Regions will sent their children back to school in order not to further compromise their children’s future.

The putting into place, by the Head of State, of a FORUM FOR OPEN and SINCERE DIALOGUE wherein all the grievances and claims shall be put forward by our Anglophone compatriots and with the imperative aim to construct a unified Nation and with a background notion that secession is not an option for discussion. Our Anglophone Compatriots have to be represented, notably by their legitimate Leaders, i.e. to say, those recognized by the population of the Northwest and Southwest.  The above FORUM FOR OPEN and SINCERE DIALOGUE should allow free expression, and together approved solutions arrived at by both parties and to permit the solving of the Anglophone problem once and for all, so much so that, at the end of it all, we shall see a reconciled and unified Cameroon.

The National President of CRM
Maurice KAMTO
Yaounde, 16th August 2017