Feb 2017

Meeting of the discredited elites of the Southwest of 3rd February 2017 in Buea and incitement to hatred and civil war.

The President of the Republic, guarantor of national unity and peace, must denounce Peter MAFANY MUSONGE and his accomplices.

The Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) remains concerned about the blockage prevailing in the Anglophone crisis and recalls the need to release the new legitimate Anglophone leaders for the beginning of an urgent and vital republican dialogue.

The CRM denounces manipulations of the government aimed at creating a sterile opposition between the elites of the Northwest and those of the Southwest with the objective of dividing Cameroonians from the anglophone regions.

During a crisis meeting held on 3rd February 2017 in a hotel in Buea, by a number of personalities from the Southwest Region, led by Mr Peter MAFANY MUSONGE, former Prime Minister, Grand Chancellor of the National Orders, Collaborator of the President of the Republic, they publicly accused the elites of the Northwest to organize the strike and revolts in their sweet and peaceful region. They also called on the people to form groups to support the authorities and forces of law and order in the repression against strikers.

These personalities, artificially produced through elections rigged by the CPDM and who have been caught red-handed wrongly standing for the populations in their region, are today unhappy. Thus, during this meeting, they awkwardly attempted to create division between Cameroonians instead of working for peace and the beginning of a real dialogue between the Government and the new legitimate anglophone leaders whose release should be the concrete sign of the goodwill of the regime.

More seriously, their statements sounded like a public incitement of the populations of the Southwest to hatred towards the Northwesterners who, they pretend, are planning to place them in slavery in a federalist project.

It is clear that Mr Peter MAFANY MUSONGE and his accomplices have neither legitimacy nor credibility among the populations of the South-West Region, as the strike persists, and is therefore more than probable that these will not yield to their hateful calls. However, the State Counsel should, for the preservation of public peace, nevertheless take up this matter.

For history, the President of the Republic should take this CRM denunciation of the statements of Peter MAFANY MUSONGE and his acolytes seriously, because incitement to hatred, discrimination and violence against a backdrop of heightened tribalism, from some of his high-ranking collaborators, whenever there are trouble in the country, have become recurrent and very worrying for national unity and concord, and peace.

In this regard, the CRM recalls that in 2008, during the revolts against the modification of article 6 (2) of the Constitution on the limitation of presidential terms, during which dozens of young Cameroonians had been coldly killed by the Defence and security forces, and hundreds of others improperly thrown into prison, some Mfoundi elites led by André MAMA FOUDA, Minister of the Republic, publicly threatened to call “their sons and daughters” to hunt “predators from elsewhere” out of “their village”. This serious attack on unity, harmony, peace and security was made at a meeting convened by the fraternal Association for Mutual Aid and Solidarity of Mfoundi (Asfesem), Friday, February 29th, 2008.

For history, among the “sons and daughters of Mfoundi” present at this meeting, we can cite personalities such as Charles Etoundi, Cécile Bomba Nkolo, Jérôme Emilien Abondo, Antoine Depadoue Essomba Eyenga (of late memory), Marie Madeleine Fouda , Martin Aristide Okouda, Emile Onambélé Zibi, Anastasie Mbongo, Sylvie Okeng, Beaufort Essomba and Jeanne Ottou.

The President of the Republic, though the guarantor of national unity, had not condemned this dangerous threat on national unity and concord. It is very likely that he will not do anything this time, when his constitutional obligations force him to denounce Mr. Peter MAFANY MUSONGE, and with him all those who, blinded by their personal interests and the sweetness of Power that is essentially corrupt, fuel divisions and hatred among Cameroonians, tribalism and political intolerance. His silence could be interpreted as an endorsement of such recurring and yet unacceptable behaviour, and one day account for the consequences of a possible civil war that these artificial elites, furious at having been rejected by the populations, want to create in an attempt to hide the extent of their discredit.

Yaounde, 14th february 2017

CRM Communication Team.