Jun 2017

Dear comrades,

With the exception of the North-West and South-West regions where, because of the special situation prevailing there, our comrades could not take part in the parade marking the celebration of the 45th Unity Day, in the eight other regions, you have shone through your exemplary participation in the celebrations. It should be noted that this Unity Day could have fulfilled its symbolic function even more if the Government had given the necessary political attention to the anglophone problem which had already divided the country for several months.

As recommended, in spite of a few attempts of intimidation in certain localities, you massively took part in the parade on May 20th 2017, while at the same time thinking deeply of the new legitimate anglophone leaders who are now political hostages of the Government and calling on authorities to open a genuine political dialogue on the thorny anglophone question.

Throughout the various regions where this has been possible, you have demonstrated an exceptional mobilization, discipline and a republican attitude that I would like to salute.

I urge you to remain worthy ambassadors of our party wherever you find yourself.

To all those of you who have contributed in any way to the success of our party’s participation in this republican commemoration, receive my warmest congratulations.

The National President
Maurice KAMTO