May 2017

Militants of CRM subdivisional Federation of MAYO-OULO, under the leadership of Comrade Ousmane BIRI MOUSSA, wrote to the subdividional officer of MAYO-OULO to inform him of their intentions to take part in the parade of 20th May 2017, celebrating the 45th day of National Unity. The CPDM has surely manoeuvered to force the organizing committee to stop our party from participating in the parade at the last minute without any good reason.

Informed, national officials contacted the MAYO-LOUTI divisional officer who immediately, after investigation proved that CRM had adhered to the administrative and preparatory arrangements required,ordered our participation in the parade.

Unfortunately, due to a failure of internal communication, some Party officials attributed to the DO the attempt to exclude our MAYO-OULO militants from the parade. Rather, the DO, in a republican way, has restored CRM in its rights.

CRM officially apologizes to the MAYO-LOUTI DO for this confusion.

The CRM Communication Department
22nd May 2017