Jun 2018

The CRM informs those invited to the screening of the documentary on the itinerary of Mr Maurice KAMTO, candidate for the next presidential election in October, scheduled this Friday, June 15 at 6 PM in MASSAO PALACE hotel, and for which nominative invitations had been sent, that said projection was delocalised to ITS HEADQUARTERS, located at DISPENSAIRE – ODZA TODAY AT 6 PM, following an arbitrary de facto prohibition by the administrative authorities supported by police forces.

Indeed, faced with the intimidation and threats of the administration and the pressure exerted by the CPDM regime on the management of the MASSAO Hotel, they were forced to ask us to leave the premises, a few hours from the beginning of the documentary projection.

The CRM reminds that only the invited guests, with invitation card, were expected at the private screening of this documentary film. We note that the CRM had no legal obligation to make any administrative declaration. Except to consider that from now on, even for baptism or marriage ceremony, the celebration of a diploma, a labour medal, etc., it will be necessary to formally ask the authorisation of the administrative authority or to make a prior declaration. With such vexatious and provocative practices, every citizen who would like to know who Maurice KAMTO is, will have to refer to the administrative authority.

The power, panicked by the magnitude of its multiple failures over more than thirty-five years, and which the World Bank – which cannot be credibly accused of wanting to destabilise – has just drawn up a picture that now shows everyone the urgency of change, fears the PENALTY that the people expect Maurice KAMTO to convert. The CRM refuses to yield to provocations, harassment and violence that the regime wants to impose on the party since its creation, with an exacerbation lately (abusive cancellation of rallies in Mbouda, Bangangté, Fokoué, prohibition to hold our meetings in Baham Grand Stand left to the goats, and Bandjoun where the authority had the bright idea of organising a nursery school celebration at the Grand Stand corner, broadcast calls for violence by the President of the National Assembly against our militants, the public prayers of the same personality to prevent Maurice KAMTO from touring the Far North region, calls to the wizards and marabouts of the area for the killing of KAMTO, should he set foot there, etc.).

The documentary will be available to the general public in the coming days. The CRM urges every Cameroonian citizen to watch it, to better know the man who will soon seek their support to convert this PENALTY that history offers our people to turn, in peace and through the ballot box, the terrible and gruelling page of the old and tired regime of the New Deal-CPDM.

Cameroonians, register and make the choice of modernity against obscurantism!

The CRM Communication team,

15th June, 2018.