Jul 2017

Since the discovery on 2 June 2017 of the corpse of Bishop Jean-Marie Benoît BALA of Bafia, and especially after the solemn announcement of the National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (NECC) through the voice of its President, Mgr. Samuel KLEDA, on 13 June, for whom “Bishop Jean-Marie-Benoît Bala did not commit suicide, he was brutally assassinated”, Cameroonians are embarrassed.

It is not unnecessary, beyond all technical considerations of forensic expertise, to recall that all Cameroonians saw Msgr. KLEDA and other senior religious leaders along the bank of the Sanaga at the time of lifting the body of the Bishop of Bafia out of water. Thus, when he publicly evoked the brutality with which Bishop Jean-Benoît BALA was assassinated, one is inclined to believe that it is on the basis of observations, even “basic”, that he and all those who were in direct contact with the remains of the unfortunate Bishop made.

CRM does not wish to interfere with investigations; however, given the history of the relationship between the judiciary and Cameroonians about cases that might disturb political power, it cannot keep silent.

Conclusions of the investigation made public by the Attorney-General at the Court of Appeal of the Centre Region, Mr. Jean-Fils NTAMACK, on July 4, 2017, according to which:

“There were no trace of violence on the corpse of bishop BALA
“Drowning is the most probable cause of the death of the bishop”

raise questions. We hoped, for once, to have investigations with results beyond any doubt, after failing to clarify murders of prelates and other clergy, namely Msgr. Yves Plumey, Fathers Joseph Mbassi, Antony Fontegh Engelbert Mveng, not to mention the Sisters of the community of Djoum.

Indeed, these conclusions suggest that observing traces of any brutality on a body, requires a special qualification that Bishops present at the bank of the Sanaga, on June 2nd when the corpse of Bishop BALA was lifted out of water, and Cameroonian forensics would not have.

Why has the Attorney-General’s office remained silent on this affair since June 2, 2017 and especially after the first forensic assessments carried out by Cameroonian doctors?

These questions are even more heart-breaking when one remembers conclusions of the same Mr. Jean-Fils NTAMACK, then attorney of the Court of First Instance (TGI) of Mfoundi, in the painful case of the theft of Miss Vanessa TCHATCHOU’s baby.

Or if one recalls the shameful case of young Narcisse Olivier DJOMO POKAM thrown out the window of a large and overprotected hotel of the capital city in broad daylight after he underwent sexual brutality in which the justice slammed the porter TABUE FOTSO François considered an accomplice to the murder. In this frightful and ritual murder that had shaken the whole Cameroonian people, the opinion has always held that this porter had been sacrificed on the altar of the interests of very powerful occult forces.

Far from reassuring Cameroonians, international expertise promptly mobilized baffles more so as the participation of a forensic doctor from Berlin recalls that of the German company to which the President of the Republic had, by authority, granted the biometrics contract for results that Cameroonians and impartial observers know.

Even if the Attorney-General’s conclusions do not bind the court, CRM would like the justice system finally to declare its independence in this horrible case, which once again reveals the deadly nature of the New Deal regime, which does not even spare the Clergy, as the Archbishop of Douala, Msgr. Kleda, said: “The clergy in Cameroon are particularly persecuted by obscure and diabolical forces.”

Mr. Titus EDZOA, a former bigwig of this regime, now in disgrace, painted a striking picture in his “Meditations de prison” (Editions Khartala / Les Editions du Schabel, 2012, pp. 57-58) in these words: drinking fresh human blood is particularly exciting for the whims of demons; tired of soothing divine mermaids, too demanding and jealous, one incubates, to deprive nymphets as lascivious as naive of their virginity: this procures youth for perpetuity; practised as a ritual of purification and allegiance to homosexuality; it is a discriminatory high distinction for the honourability of the supposedly prestigious brotherhood; engaging in astral night epic and suicidal fighting on “flying carpet planes”, stuffed with incendiary missiles, the dreaded enemy being eliminated only at night, to eat human flesh cleaned and simmered slowly, it is Ambrosia for eternity; to sacrifice to the brotherhood and, in turn, the most beloved of his relatives, is to strengthen the solidarity and respectability of the group; organize sabbatical masses, very black in colour, to defy the Almighty God surrounded by his cohort of saints, blessed and others; making a pact with Lucifer, the doubly known devil, the most feared because the most formidable, as a sign of pride in being his torch for the incarnation of evil; fornicating with female corpses, in the absence of harpies particularly decayed, it invigorates and provides courage; to drink hallucinogenic decoctions means assured access to the kingdom of ancestors, eternal guardians of wisdom; to consult old books to discover magic formulas: thus one can kill on demand and at will before perishing oneself happy with a violent death … “.

No one has paid attention to this terrible confession.

Cameroonians are following with unsuspected attention the progress of this case of the death of Bishop BALA in which the independence of the judiciary vis-a-vis the political power and occult forces, and the credibility of the Government vis-a-vis a people now awake and standing, are at stake.

The Communication Department
10th july, 2017.