Dec 2017

Patrice NGANANG is a writer whose style betrays his bitterness and anger in the face of the incompetence and negligence of those who have been ruling the country by terror for more than thirty-five years.

This deep anger is felt by the families of thousands of young Cameroonians who are forced into exile because of the poor systemic governance of the new deal regime, desperate migrants who have been reduced to slavery in Libya.

It is the same anger for millions of Cameroonians whose only certainty today is uncertainty: uncertainty about daily living, access to health care and education, etc.

It is the same anger for parents in the North-West and South-West regions who cry for their children killed and children from other regions, serving under the flag, being murdered on their doorsteps.

It is finally the same anger for these same parents who notice, helplessly, that their children have not been going to school for two years and that that situation does not upset President BIYA whose two children will soon be declared “admitted” to ENAM and dream, like their father, of a glorious administrative and political career.

This anger is aggravated by the fact that the governing gerontocracy does not miss any opportunity to live on public funds and that their offspring are “registered” in all the major schools of the country to succeed them within administrations and at the helm of the State.

The writer Patrice NGANANG angrily expresses himself with his own words on behalf of the ordinary Cameroonian. This is how we must apprehend the spout of frustration of this writer who, out of love for his country, is driven mad by the incompetence of a regime whose political objective is, ultimately, less to govern than to last in power, including by deliberately crushing by misery the people whom he holds solely by the terror betrayed by the cult of the personality pushed to its climax.

So, it is not the individual Patrice NGANANG who was arrested as the Government wants us to believe, it is the writer, driven by the rage of a people suffocated by a reptilian dictatorship, who is currently in the hands of those whose carelessness and crookedness he denounces, on behalf of the ordinary Cameroonian.

According to his lawyers, insults to the Head of State, forgery and use of fake documents, apology for secessionism and the threat of death are reasons for the arrest of the writer.

The insults to the Head of State and the apology for secessionism are eminently political reasons that reveal the authoritarian nature of the regime and indicate that the writer Patrice NGANANG is an additional political prisoner of President BIYA.

Since the regime is so quick to condemn those whom it accuses of insults to the Head of the State, what does it wait, for example, to judge and punish Mr. OKALIA BILAÏ, Governor of the South-West, who in a report aired on Friday, 22 September 2017 in the 5 PM newscast of CRTV national radio, called the populations, under his authority, dogs? What is he waiting for to remove the immunity of Ntem Valley CPDM Senator OBAM-ASSAM Samuel, who, in the midst of a civil war in the country, declared, according to the media, during a heated exchange in Parliament with his SDF colleague, Jean TSOMELOU, having ordered his son, colonel in the army, to kill 30 Anglophones? What is he waiting for to sue the journalists who, on a television channel located in Nsam in Yaoundé, openly encourage hatred against the Anglophones?

The regime takes an irresponsible risk of prosecuting the writer Patrice NGANANG for forgery and use of fake documents and illegal immigration when we know that at the heart of this regime are many dignitaries who, in violation of Cameroonian laws, are holders of multiple passports. At the eve of elections, this accusation against the writer may be an evil for the good. It can indeed constitute a unique political opportunity where could come to testify any person and all the accredited chanceries in Cameroon likely to help the justice to establish that among those who run the country in the executive, the parliament and in the Judiciary, there would be “counterfeiters” holding foreign passports. Clearly, this accusation will allow the trial of these dignitaries of the regime, many and unsuspected, carrying foreign passports and who, insincerely patriotic, refuse by mere selfishness and against progress, the adoption of the law on dual nationality likely to open to all the opportunities that they keep jealously for themselves and for their descendants.

The writer Patrice NGANANG, through his spout of frustration, simply wanted to say to the President of the Republic that the situation of the country is now unbearable, aware as he must be that he will never be given the opportunity to meet the President Paul BIYA that even his closest and most important collaborators only stealthily see at the airport when he gives them the “last instructions” before his numerous and expensive “private short stays in Europe” or, when he returns, they inform him, all fearful, on the situation of the country. The writer Patrice NGANANG is therefore a whistleblower. He must be released, and the depth of his anger lucidly analysed by President BIYA in a country that is now in ruin.

The Communication Department
Yaounde, 10th december 2017.