Jul 2018

On Saturday, 14 July 2018, in Maroua, Mr CAVAYE YEGUIE Djibril, President of the National Assembly, third State personality and member of the political bureau of Mr BIYA’s party has, at the head of a horde of thugs decked out in the CPDM  outfits with the effigies of candidate BIYA and under the plaudits of the Ministers of the Republic and other organic elites from the Far North, State representatives and the defence and security forces, cheerfully proceeded, before the cameras, like under the NAZI REGIME, to the burning of CRM T-shirts and placards.

Through this act with a very serious political significance, premeditated and carefully and openly prepared, an act for which the CRM alerted very senior State officials by a means in writing, without unfortunately no measure taken to avoid it, Mr BIYA’s regime and the CPDM have just given up their mask very early.

Indeed, Mr BIYA and his supporters who can no longer conceal their panic considering the meteoric breakthrough of the CRM and the very warm welcome reserved by Cameroonians from the ten regions of the country to its candidate, have just shown, by this serious act, that they will set the country ablaze if Maurice KAMTO wins in the polls.

Through the terror of fire, the party of the burning flame that has been consuming the lives of Cameroonians for thirty-six years, Mr BIYA and his regiments of profiteers of the efforts of the people want to kill the Breath of Hope that Maurice KAMTO carries during the presidential election of 7 October.

Convinced that power change remains possible through the ballot box and in peace, notwithstanding the fatal message sent from Maroua by Paul BIYA and his supporters, the CRM responds to the flame with the Breath of Hope.

It should be remembered that beyond what has just been shown in Maroua on Saturday, 14 July 2018, across the national territory, President Maurice KAMTO, the CRM and its militants experience a political ostracism by the State.

Candidate Maurice KAMTO, as a Republican and Democrat, urges his comrades, his supporters, and more generally Cameroonians, not to yield to the shameless provocations of Mr BIYA’s regime.

He is asking them to stay focused on the ultimate goal of beating, through the ballot box, Mr BIYA, to whom it must be clearly said on 7 October that he did not receive Cameroon in legacy.

To the foreign observers of the Cameroonian political life and more particularly to all those who are really interested in the future of the Cameroonian people, and so that no one is unware, the CRM wishes to call their attention on the extreme excesses of the BIYA’s regime which is ready to plunge the country into a total civil war in case of defeat.


The Communication Team,

July 15th, 2018.