Jul 2018

On the occasion of International Refugee Day, which was celebrated on June 21, 2018, the CRM President paid a visit to Cameroonian and African refugees in a camp in Greece. With this gesture, he wanted to get a feel of the everyday reality of these compatriots in search of an uncertain happiness, far from their native country.

Unprecedented in Black Africa, this is the first time that a political leader, whether in power or in the opposition, pays such a visit to these exiled people of a new kind.

Cameroonians from the Moria camp on the Lesvos island came to the meeting with the CRM President, as happy as they were with this encounter. From the emotive and poignant exchanges, one could read the distress and the dramas of these refugees. Maurice KAMTO could appreciate how far young people were willing to go to flee destitution in their own country. Indeed, after having braved inhuman treatment or escaped slavery in Libya, after suffering rapes, after escaping shipwrecks in the Mediterranean, Cameroonians end up in the Moria camp cooped up like wild beasts.

Maurice KAMTO came to show them his support and give them hope. He promised them that if he is elected next October, he will come and take them home to build the Cameroon of tomorrow. In solidarity, he left to the organisations that deal with these Cameroonian camps in Moria and Athens his financial contribution.


CRM Communication Team