Jun 2019

The Public is hereby informed that neither the President-elect Maurice KAMTO, nor the CRM (Cameroon Renaissance Movement), his party, has not expressly or impliedly authorized any person to raise funds, either on their behalf or in favour of the Peaceful Citizen Resistance.

CRM political organs responsible for such matters are duly identified, with all their national or international branches. Therefore, neither from Cameroon nor from anywhere else in the world, may such fundraisings, any other money collected or anything else, the organization of which parallels that of CRM organs, are not approved by the President-elect Maurice KAMTO, even less CRM. Far from preventing private initiatives turning up spontaneously now and then, we wish that the promoters of such initiatives assume to do so on their own behalf and in their individual capacity so as to take responsibility for their actions, if any.

Moreover, under the leadership of the President-elect, our Peaceful Citizen Resistance thus reaffirms its deep-rooted commitment to moderation, pacifism, to the respect and the exercise of human rights to be recognized to Cameroonians, including political and civil rights. Whoever they are, and regardless of those claiming to be the perpetrators, the National Nonviolent Resistance denounces and condemns extremism wholeheartedly; especially that having a tendency to pit Cameroonians against each other and constructed on the basis of hatred or communitarian. The victims of the illegitimate regime of Yaoundé are issued from all ethnic, tribal and social groups. In this vein, the fight against injustice sown by this illegitimate regime must be done by all Cameroonians, irrespective of their groups, as embodied through the leadership of the Peaceful Citizen Resistance, since such Nonviolent National Resistance Program is aiming at improving our whole Nation and is not only combating in favor of any group belonging to our country.

Yaoundé, June 5, 2019
The spokesman