Feb 2024

In my end-of-year message for 2023, I warned the Government of the serious social consequences of a possible increase in fuel prices, given the very low purchasing power of households and the impact of such an increase on soaring prices in all sectors of activity.

Obviously, as usual, this Government remained indifferent to our alarm call. Since 3 February 2024, all Cameroonians, irrespective of the candidate they voted for in the presidential election of 7 October 2018, their political affiliation, ethnicity, or religion, have been in the same boat. From now on, they will pay 840 CFA francs for a litre of petrol and 828 CFA francs for a litre of diesel.

Unfortunately, the repercussions of this unsustainable rise in fuel prices are not long in making themselves felt. They are adding dangerously to the worsening living conditions of our compatriots, already suffocated by the high cost of living.

At the same time, it is shocking to see signs of the leaders’ intolerable contempt for the suffering of the people. The arrogance shamelessly displayed is reflected in unjustifiable travel on private jets, unrestrained display of pomp and circumstance, funding of disinformation, and privileges of all kinds.

The result is a deep social and political divide. It is clear that the electoral results that the country’s leaders boast of, consultation after consultation, bear no relation to the choice of Cameroonians and their confidence in the ability of these leaders to resolve the basic problems of the people.

How can you win a presidential election with 71.28%, have an overwhelming majority in Parliament and the regional and municipal councils, and produce so much despair among the people, including in the ranks of your own militants, sympathisers, and allies, during a mandate won with such violence? This is incompetence backed by boundless cynicism.

Dear compatriots from all corners of Cameroon, the miserable living conditions that the government is inflicting on the overwhelming majority of the population of our country call for a national awakening.

This patriotic awakening will involve mass registration on the electoral registers for a vote of no-confidence against the Government and the CPDM and its allies at the next municipal and legislative elections in February 2025 and the presidential election in October of the same year. This republican upsurge will also require absolutely vigilant electoral monitoring and a resolute defense of your votes against any fraud at each election.

This feckless Government, which has no empathy for the weakest and most disadvantaged sections of the population, no longer deserves to lead our country, to inflict torment on us and keep us in it, unless we like to suffer.

Done in Yaoundé on 5 February 2024

The National President Maurice KAMTO,

Candidate of CRM and the POLITICAL ALLIANCE FOR CHANGE (PAC) for the presidential election of 2025 or before.