Jan 2024
Dear donors,
On 23 December 2021, I presented the moral report of the initiator of the Survie-Cameroun Survival Initiative (SCSI), an unprecedented initiative that was a resounding collective success. In that report, I informed you that at the close of the SCSI account, the remaining financial resources collected amounted to €48,031, or CFA 31,506,271 (thirty-one million five hundred and six thousand two hundred and seventy-one). At the same time, I informed you that this sum of money would be allocated to finance social micro-projects in the ten regions of the country.
I am pleased to report on the completion of these micro-projects in the attached table.
In so doing, we bring this operation to a definitive close.
I can never thank you enough for your extraordinary outpouring of solidarity and generosity during this operation which has shown what we can do together. It is this type of outpouring that I would like to see put to good use for our country in all areas tomorrow.
Pr. Maurice KAMTO
SCSI Initiator